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Cloudways provides unrestricted storage, on-demand vertical scaling and transparent pricing plans. They also use free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. I’ve used them for numerous years and would recommend them to anyone searching for cloud computing services.

Transparent Pricing Plans

Cloudways is a web hosting business that provides a range of features, an excellent selection of tools, and a dependable set of services. This business offers its consumers a three day complimentary trial. It has data centers in San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, and New York.

The Cloudways website is clean, simple to browse, and has a number of features that deserve checking out. It likewise has a substantial knowledge base and blog site.

Some of the Cloudways features include automated backups, malware security, and a fantastic client support group. While the majority of business provide similar features, the Cloudways system has a few distinct touches that make it stand out from the crowd.

One feature is the tracking tab. This permits you to monitor your server’s health, disk usage, and other metrics. Another cool feature is the on-demand backup feature, which you can establish to automatically develop backups for your sites and applications.

In addition to the coolest features, Cloudways likewise has a community forum. You can publish concerns or browse other members’ posts to find practical ideas and details.

You can likewise get assist from their 24 x 7 live chat. The support group will respond in a timely way. However, if you have a more immediate concern, you can reach out to a senior support engineer.

Cloudways utilizes Google Cloud Google, Vultr, and Amazon Web Services, to name a few things. They even run routine security scans and send proactive spots to protect you against brand-new hazards.

Unlimited Storage

If you are searching for unlimited storage and bandwidth, Cloudways may be the right option for you. This web hosting provider utilizes vertical scaling to supply you with the suitable server size and bandwidth depending upon the type of traffic your website receives.

The company uses numerous features, consisting of site builder and bot protection. It also has a backup and restore service. You can configure the frequency and retention period of your backups. And you can select to have local backups. Using this feature, you can backup your website, and then save them in a safe place.

Cloudways provides a variety of data center areas. You can pick one in the United States, Germany, Canada, or Australia. They even offer an abroad area, in Brazil and Ireland.

Cloudways also uses the ‘Pay as you go’ model. This means you pay just for the resources you use. In addition, you can scale your server whenever you require to. For instance, if your traffic spikes, you can include more CPU or RAM.

Cloudways also offers you the alternative to scale your server using block storage. Block storage can cost a bit more, however it can be an excellent option for storing information if you run out of area on your primary server.

In addition to having a secure system, Cloudways offers a complimentary SSL certificate and dedicated IP. Plus, there are several firewalls that can obstruct suspicious connections and secure your site.

No Bandwidth Limit

Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that offers a variety of features and tools. These consist of staging abilities, automobile backups, and the capability to install several applications on each server. There are likewise security features such as bot defense and firewall programs.

Cloudways supplies its users with an user-friendly control panel that permits them to keep an eye on the resources utilized by their servers. Its control panel shows individual resource use gradually periods.

The dashboard shows the most common IP addresses and URL requests. In addition, it likewise features an advanced caching system. This ensures that websites load quickly.

Other Cloudways features consist of the capability to whitelist users and enable two-factor authentication. If you want to utilize this feature, you will need to input a six-digit code that is generated by an authentication application.

Cloudways is perfect for high-traffic websites. It is designed for business that need to deliver material and screen traffic. Unlike some other cloud hosting services, Cloudways does not have a bandwidth limit.

Cloudways uses a variety of features that are useful for any type of website. Nevertheless, the control board can be puzzling to beginners. Although Cloudways does offer some aid, users can get by by themselves.

Cloudways is a great choice for organizations trying to find a cost-effective solution to handling their website. It is particularly useful for sites that are susceptible to seasonal traffic spikes.

Cloudways offers day-and-night consumer support. Users can call the company’s live chat or the extensive knowledge base. Customers can also go with extra premium support alternatives.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority which provides totally free SSL certificates. These are an excellent method to promote a more safe web. The business produces five free certificates per domain per week. It also offers domain-validated and wildcard SSL certificates.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that supports the Let’s Encrypt effort. With Cloudways, you can install totally free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your site and automate the renewal process.

Unlike traditional SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt certificate ends after 90 days. However, the auto-renewal feature will restore the certificate prior to the expiration date.

To set up Let’s Encrypt, you need to log into your Cloudways account and access the Applications tab. Then, choose the target server. After clicking the PHP site, you’ll see 2 choices: let’s Encrypt and auto-renew.

In the Let’s Encrypt dialog box, you’ll be asked to go into the domain. You need to have the ability to install the certificate in a couple of minutes. When you’re done, you’ll get a pop-up message containing the registered email address.

To renew the Let’s Encrypt certificate, you can either renew it by hand or automatically through cPanel or Plesk control board. If the auto-renewal fails, you can choose the on-demand renewal option.

Cloudways has a free multi-domain Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that streamlines the management of your website. This allows you to safeguard several domains on one server.

Additionally, you can create your own custom SSL and release it on your website. Finally, you can use the Bot Protection feature to defend against unwanted traffic.

On-Demand Vertical Scaling

Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that uses on-demand vertical scaling. This feature permits users to scale up their server size in reaction to a spike in traffic. Additionally, the company supports a wide array of hosting plans.

The service is perfect for websites that receive a big amount of traffic. As the site’s traffic boosts, Cloudways permits users to increase the server’s CPU and RAM. It likewise features automated backups. For instance, users can configure a backup retention period of one to 4 weeks. You can likewise allow two-factor authentication for your Cloudways account to keep your website safe from intruders.

Cloudways uses Varnish and a caching plugin to handle server traffic. They also use a firewall to safeguard your site from hackers. Another tool they offer is Server Monitoring Alerts that inform users of downtime.

Cloudways uses a pay-as-you-go model, so you don’t have to stress over being locked into a particular plan. The company accepts all major credit cards, and you can even earn money through PayPal.

If you have concerns, you can get in touch with the company’s consumer support personnel. They are available 24 hours a day, and you can chat with them, or ask your concerns on the company’s community forum or blog.

Although the Cloudways community isn’t really active, its knowledge base is excellent. There are several topics covered, consisting of SMTP, cPanel, MySQL, PHP, and Laravel.

When you sign up, you’ll require to select your provider and target application. To begin, you can pick a totally free three-day trial. You can then upgrade to the full bundle for the aid you need.

Staging Environment

Cloudways Staging Environment is among the most special features of this web host. It provides users the capability to test applications and brand-new plugins without risking the live site. In addition, it uses an SSL-enabled staging. The Cloudways Staging Environment likewise offers the ability to test sites on five different cloud providers.

For a restricted time, you can get a complimentary trial of Cloudways’ Staging Environment. If you like what you see, you can sign up for a paid plan. Once your trial ends, you’ll need to supply your payment technique. You’ll also get $15 in hosting credit.

Cloudways provides several tools to handle your servers, including a user friendly control board and a streamlined backup process. Moreover, your server is protected by firewall softwares. This secure environment guarantees optimal performance and security.

Utilizing the Staging Environment of Cloudways, you can evaluate applications and themes prior to launching them on the live site. You can also monitor your server’s disk usage and CPU state. Additionally, you can include SSH secrets for a seamless user experience. Last but not least, you can utilize the Push and Pull features to swap information between your sites.

The Cloudways Staging Environment is perfect for evaluating recently developed applications and themes. Besides, it also allows users to make changes and carry out incremental pushes to their live site. These updates can be made via the push function or by hand.

Other features include an automated server-side backup, the option to alter the frequency of on-site backups, and the possibility to conserve copies of the regional backup to your computer system.

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